Health tracking wrapped around your finger - track your sleep, activity & recovery in style!

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Oura Ring Gives Your Body A Voice

Wearing an Oura ring is like giving your body a microphone to amplify conversations between your body and your brain that were once impossible to hear. It is a wearable device designed to track various aspects of your health and activity levels. It provides insights into your sleep patterns, activity levels, & readiness for the day. By monitoring metrics such as heart rate, body temperature, and movement, the Oura aims to give you a better understanding of your overall health & wellness.

Oura Ring is a Sleep Lab on Your Finger

Sleep tight with the industry leading sleep health tracker. Better health, brighter moods, more energy - it all starts with sleep. Wake up to in-depth analysis about your deep sleep, light sleep, REM sleep, blood oxygen levels, and more. Small adjustments to your daily routine can improve your sleep and transform how you feel. Oura tracks your sleep quality and sleep stages with research-grade sensors. You'll see if you're getting enough deep sleep, REM sleep, and light sleep every night, and you'll know how to improve it. Oura's accuracy is comparable to that of gold standard sleep labs!

Oura Ring Brings Your Lifestyle Into Balance

Whether you’re running a marathon or running an errand, Oura tracks your movement, steps, heart rate, and recovery. Discover your ideal balance between activity and recovery to reach your personal fitness goals. Know when to push it and when to take it easy with the Oura Readiness Score. It takes into consideration over 20 different body signals including temperature, heart rate, HRV, and sleep and lets you know how ready you are for the day ahead.


  • “I’m addicted to using the Oura Ring as it effectively tracks my sleep patterns which helps me to continously improve it"

    Jennifer Aniston

    Actress / Model

  • “I'm getting great sleep. I have slept a total of nine hours and 36 minutes using the brand’s recording technology. As someone who values eight-plus hours of sleep each night, I’m shocked.
    Kim Kardashian

    Actress / Model / Influencer

  • “"I think as I've gotten older and hopefully wiser I've tried to focus on doing little things throughout my week to bolster my strength and energy, Oura Ring helps me track my sleep habits!"
    Gwyneth Paltrow

    Actress / Model

  • “It not only tracks my sleep, it also tracks my body temperature, pulse, and activity throughout the day!"
    Prince Harry

    Duke of Sussex

  • “This is my most favorite piece of tech so far, it tracks my sleep, my workouts, and every bits of things happening in my body!"


    Youtuber / Influencer

Professional Athletes & Healthspan Warriors Loving their Oura Ring

Oura Ring Features

label_important   Sleek, Comfortable, Accurate
label_important   Fits seamlessly into your life, all day & night
More comfortable than wearing a watch, especially while sleeping
label_important   Charge just 1 time per week vs. everday
label_important   Eligible for insurance coverage via HSA/FSA
label_important   HIPAA compliant

Get $40 Off Oura Ring & Free Supplements

A personal message from our founder:

We are proud to partner with Oura Ring which is helping our customers take their #LIVEYOUNGLONGER goals to the next level!

I wore a Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch for for a couple of years before switching to the Oura Ring. With the Galaxy Watch, I enjoy a number of its features such as counting daily steps, heart rate, timer, & controlling my music during workouts - in fact I still use it regularly for these features. I had also wanted to use it to track my sleep, but I found it uncomfortable to wear a watch overnight. 

I was introduced to the Oura ring around the time that I started using InsideTracker. The Oura ring connects to InsideTracker and provides it with bimetric data about your sleep, heart rate, & activity. InsideTracker also connects with watches such as the Apple watch and Garmin, but I was most interested in a health tracker I could wear comfortably overnight. 

My initial thinking was that I simply wanted to wear the ring and let it sync with InsideTracker. Then, I could view all of the data via InsideTracker's app as I wasn't too interested in having yet another app(Oura Ring) to pull up on my phone everyday. Well, that all changed when I got my Oura ring and checked out their app. It has so much in depth, easy to understand actionable data on readiness, sleep, activity, stress levels, etc., that I use their app every single day. 

I highly recommend making Oura Ring part of your #LIVEYOUNGLONGER lifestyle!


Christopher Ouellette
CEO & Founder Healthspan Holistic

Certified Holistic Nutrition Health Coach