"Back pain is reduced, mind is clearer, no fishy aftertaste!"

"Back pain is reduced, mind is clearer, no fishy aftertaste!"

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Rob S.
Your Joints Will Love You

I hate eating fish. I'm old and my joints ache. My doc suggested fish oil, and it really does make my joint pain go away. Seriously, if I forget it for a day my knees tell me, this makes such a difference. I bought this particular brand because it claimed (truthfully) It's burpless, which is good, because fish burps are gross.

Lyn B.
Easy to swallow

As advertised. I Like this supplement, they are easy to swallow and no fish burps. Nice addition to my supplement game. We keep buying over and over. Highly recommend.

Ana L.
Helped my cholesterol

I use them for controlling my cholesterol and it does the work, more than I actually expected.

Joshua A.
Awesome, great find!

Great stuff, noticeable improvement in my blood work just after 30 days of taking them, no fishy burps as well.

Gene D.
Will definitely order this again

I don't eat seafood so I ordered this for its heart, health, joint benefits and there's literally no fish smell, taste or burps at all! Even taking on an empty stomach

Dana V.
Good dose of omega 3

I have been taking omega 3 fish oil for quite some time . These provide the highest amount of EPA and DHA of any fish oils I have used.

Jims Y.
Great Fish Oil

I constantly shop for the best/most effective Omega 3 fish oils and this product is one of the best on the market. Keeps my cholesterol level down after years of high numbers.