"Our passion is to help you Live Young Longer! Through professional health coaching, lab testing, practioner trusted supplements, and the latest health tech tools, we provide you with the guidance & support that you need to recapture your energy, health, & performance from 10-20 years ago!"

What is Healthspan?

Healthspan is the length of time a person lives in their best health and free from serious disease. Lifespan, in contrast, simply refers only to the number of years a person lives. Today, many people are living longer, but not necessarily healthier. Are you ready to 'square your longevity curve' and optimize your healthspan? Watch the video for a great explanation by Dr. Attia!

What's Healthspan?

Professional Grade Supplements

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Do You Really Need Supplements to be Healthy? Yes! Here's why:

Dr. Hyman Explains the Importance of Supplements

Do You Really Need Supplements to be Healthy? Yes! Here's why:

label_important   Chronic Stress
label_important   Environmental Toxins
label_important   Nutrient depletion in soil & crops
label_important   Restricted diets (e.g. vegan, keto, etc.)
label_important   Drug-induced nutritional deficiencies
label_important   Chronic diseases can deplete nutrients
label_important   Nutrient consumption & absorption declines with age
label_important   Lifestyle factors that contribute to nutrient depletion or increased need

Optimizing Healthspan is about Way More than just supplements! So, we have curated the below great health & wellness tech brands to help you take your Live Young Longer lifestyle to the Next Level!


"You can't improve what you don't measure!" This quote is true whether you are just getting started on your health, wellness, & longevity journey or you are a high level athlete. InsideTracker gives you the ability to 'look under the hood' and take inventory of your inner health. Their AI-powered platform analyzes data from blood, DNA, lifestyle, and wearable fitness trackers to give you a real-time, holistic snapshot of your health & wellness. It turns your body's data into meaningful insights and customized daily action plans. No more guessing on what biohacks to try. All of your personal data stays in one place so you can track changes to your Healthspan over time.

Oura Ring

Health tracking wrapped around your finger - track your sleep, activity, & recovery in style! Wearing an Oura ring is like giving your body a microphone to amplify conversations between your body and your brain that were once impossible to hear. It is a wearable device designed to track various aspects of your health and activity levels. It provides insights into your sleep patterns, activity levels, & readiness for the day. By monitoring metrics such as heart rate, body temperature, and movement, the Oura aims to give you a better understanding of your overall health & wellness.

Theia Continuous 

Glucose Monitor

Analyze in real-time how your body responds to food, exercise, stress, & sleep. Theia's mobile app provides personalized insights giving you small sustainable changes that you can add to your daily routine. It can be as simple as adding something before, mixed with, or after a meal that can have an impact on how you metabolize meals. So many factors affect metaboism besides what you eat. Experiment with time restricted eating, exercise, stress management, & sleep. Order online and Theia takes care of the required prescription and delivers your sensors right to your door step. Get a Free Healthspan Supplement Bundle when you order!

No Hassle Lab Testing

No Hassle Lab Testing

Test, Don't Guess!

Order any lab you want, at your convenience, and without needing to chase down a doctor's approval! We put you in the driver's seat of your health, wellness, & longevity. Once the results are ready, they will be sent to you via a convenient and easy to understand lab results dashboard. Take advantage of discounted individual & bundled labs broken down by popular health & body system categories. Get a Free Heathspan Supplement Bundle when you spend over $200 on labs!